Modern Mammals

we're here to help your hair live it’s best life

feel like shampoo blows up your hair and conditioner makes it limp and frizzy? we decided to re-imagine hair care for men with the goal of creating fully plant-based products that would actually be beneficial for your hair health. our first product, routine rinse, is a lighter, hydrating rinse designed to look out for your hair in the long run.

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product tester reviews:

"I like that it's natural and isn't tough on my hair. It's easy and sustainable to use since I wash my hair twice a day"

– Jason, nyc, goes to barry's classes with his girlfriend

"I loved the way my hair felt and looked once dry. It didn't seem dried out or poofy at all, like it normally does when I shampoo."

– Chris, boston, mountain bikes and rock climbs

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